GBC Events

For times of events at GBC and when some of the activities listed on this page are on please use this calendar.

Every Girls & Every Boys Rally

Every Girls and Boys Rally is a program started in 1931 and is designed to teach all children aged 7 and upwards:

1.Bible Stories – Spiritual 2.Crafts and activities – Educational 3.Games and activities – Physical

A regular night includes all of the above but we also have times when we join up with other Rallies from our area for a fun day or a weekend camp. Each Rally has evenings when the parents are able to join in the fun two or three times a year.

Mondays – fortnightly during term time

For all girls 7 years old upwards, 4pm - 6pm
Cost-$7.50 per term/ or $30 per year or $2 per night if preferred.
For more info contact the church office on 578-6971.

Tuesdays – fortnightly during term time

For all boys 7 years old upwards, 6pm - 7.30pm
Cost-$7.50 per term/ or $30 per year or $2 per night if preferred
For more info contact the church office on 578-6971.

Transformers Youth

Transformers are for year 9 - 13 young folk during term time on Friday evenings at 7pm.

Life-Link Community Trust

The Life-Link Community Trust (LLCT) has a vision born of a desire to serve our community, and actively supports the provision of a variety of community services such as Playgroup with mainly music, spray free garden, the ever popular annual Light Party on October 31st and from later in 2015 a budget advisory service. LLCT working in collaboration with Greerton Bible Church, aims to identify other needs and source funding to provide additional services in our community in accordance with the trust's vision.

To view their web site click on the link below.

Greerton Community Playgroup

Our Playgroup is Government funded and 20-30 pre-schoolers and Mums from the local community gather each Tuesday morning during the school term in the Activity centre at GBC. The parent contribution is $3 per family per week.
We start with Mainly Music at 9.15am, it is an opportunity for adults and children to build memories and spend time together, sharing special time with each other. The aim of mainly music is to provide an environment where preschool children develop skills to enhance their preschool education, through the use of music, rhythm, rhyme, and other music related activities with the participation of a parent or primary caregiver. We have a large range of play activities including puzzles, painting, bikes, playdough and sandpit. We generally have a theme activity for the day and take turns to come up with the ideas! Some successful days have been colour themes, leaf prints, rock painting, Wacky Hair day and the very successful 'Snow' day, when Sanfords dropped off a truck load of chipped ice for us to play in.
Morning tea.
We also have a shared morning tea and everyone enjoys chatting and meeting new friends over a cup of real coffee and cake.

New members are always welcome. Each child attending must have a parent or caregiver stay with them, interacting in the play activities with their child, as well as socialising with others who are coping with the same ages and stages as they are experiencing at home. A government grant is received twice a year calculated on the average number of children attending, so please sign in the roll book each week. We have a committee responsible for running the group as well as going shopping for new toys and equipment!

Light Party

31st October Annually (5.30-7.30pm) sees us hold our Light Party for the Greerton Community.

A community activity that may include: Peter's Big Catch (fishing), Freaked out Disciples (Swing boat), Beach BBQ (roasting marshmellows on a braizer), Dan the Puppet man , The Sneaky Snake (Jaffa smash), Tower of Babel (Giant Jenga), as well as a bundle of other activities.

A free event and there are sausages and drinks for a few dollars. It’s always a blast so make sure you invite your friends and come along to our next one!!!  


Growing Older, No Kids

Wot's a GONK? I hear you ask. GONK is an acronym for Getting Older No Kids, and we are a group of couples and singles who are predominantly but not exclusively of what is commonly called the "Empty Nester" age group. We have been referred to as GBC's senior youth group because many of the activities we enjoy are the things we used to do in our teens and twenties. We meet one Saturday night every second month and most of our activities seem to include eating at some stage, either dinner or supper. Over the last four and a half years, we have enjoyed a harbour cruise, a train ride, car rally, progressive dinner, dinners in restaurants, BBQ's, picnics, games evenings ,mini golf, films and the like. . Most of us are very good at the food based activities but some are less skilful at some of the other things we do. Most nights there are about thirty of us but we have had as many as sixty on one occasion. The main object of our group is to provide a social activity for an age group that forms a large part of the GBC family to get to know each other better and also to create an environment where non GBC friends can be included in a non threatening situation.
If you feel that you meet the above criteria and would like to challenge us at eating or some other activity, you are very welcome to attend.