Our Mission Partners

Mary Raikes

Partnering with SIM in Thailand
  • General preschool teaching at Good Kids Preschool (a bilingual Christian preschool)
  • Teaching English to 4 year olds.
  • Teaching Bible truths.
  • Developing relationships with family members through regular family events at preschool.
  • Weekly Thai church.
  • Monthly SIM prayer meetings.

Jo Borlase

Partnering with SIM in Philippians
  • To reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ primarily in Muslim communities.
  • To encourage and train the established church to be more involved in sending and caring for missionaries – both within the Philippines and to other countries.
  • To educate churches in mission and prepare and equip them to do their role as senders.

Charles & Tina Mareu

Mission Partners with Word of Life in Fiji

Charles and Tina have a great passion for youth and for discipling and evangelism. They are very diligent in training youth leaders and have huge respect amongst those they work with. Many Fijian young people have been and are being helped by this couple and Word of Life Ministries.

  • Training youth leaders
  • Doing outreach work in Fiji and outer islands
  • Camps
  • Preaching

Colin McIntosh

Mission Partner with MAF
Maintenance Support Specialist - Turbine Aircraft

  • Consulting with relevant AD specialists and programme staff in the development of new or amended MAFIturbine aircraft maintenance programmes.
  • Monitoring NAA legislation applicable to MAFI aircraft maintenance (turbine aircraft).
  • Advise MSM of any engineering training that may be required.
  • Attending corporate prayer meetings and to spend time in prayer andworship with other staff members.
  • Actively working and living in accordance with the evangelical Christian beliefs of MAF.
  • Maintaining your own spiritual development.

Lance Robinson

Mission Partner with Word of Life
An intern with Word of Life studying at Pathways College of Bible and Mission.

  • Encouraging, and discipling youth. 
  • Part of our Local Church Events Team.
  • Word of Life Camps.
  • Assist churches in the area and run their youth group.

Billy Hanna

Mission Partner with Word of Life
A Part-Time staff member doing two days a week.

  • Member of the Events Planning Team, primarily managing the CONVERGE Events.
  • Works together with youth leaders to grow gospel advancing Youth Groups
  • Seeks to plan youth-focused events to be used as a platform for the Gospel.

Word of Life

GBC is a regular contributor to the work of Word of Life.


GBC is a regular contributor to the work of the Far East Broadcasting Company.

Jo and Mary are with SIM NZ and Charles & Tina are with Word of Life. Links to their and other supported organisations web sites can be found below.